Artwork Holy Similaun - Radicor al flort, espert on'ill il erb, aor Raetia

Radicor al flort, espert on’ill il erb, aor Raetia
Kohlhaas, 2023
featuring Archipel and rouge-ah

Electronic and ambient soundscapes meld with japanese instrumentation and rouge-ah’s poignant harp to create a sonic tapestry that ebbs and flows between moments of serene beauty and frenzied dissonance.

Artwork Holy Similaun - Arcaskathel

HIDE, 2022
featuring Archipel

“Arcaskathel” is an interstitium, a somatic study of phonetics. In little less than 40 minutes, electronic, minimal and noise elements are blended with classical Japanese tunings and non-linear time manipulations, all articulated by Archipel’s muscular and diffracted world of words.

Artwork Holy Similaun - Ansatz

OOH-sounds, 2021

Extremely dilated fades, intermitted structures, massively warped voices, blasting industrial distortions and gaming sound effects populate the synthetic environments of a not-necessarily dystopian post-something, multifaceted and porous.

Artwork Holy Similaun - En To Pan

En To Pan
Natural Sciences, 2018

Forged from a background of hardcore punk recordings, Holy Similaun’s “En to Pan” applies chaos electronics to de-constructed jungle and industrial power-outs, creating a hyper-technological version of a decaying future suffocated by waste, engrossment and disgust.