Holy Similaun is Alberto Bertelli (b. 1996), an Italian musician and sound designer currently based in Treviso.

H—S operates under blurry skies, polluting semantic memories with augmented-nostalgia and a sense of failure of the collective, but managing to see a possible future through suburban fractures. Far from being a mere technical exercise with an objective look, H—S emotionally dilates inside an intimate inner space as to want to reach a more intensive zone beyond – outside – standard perceptual thresholds.

Its first full-length, En To Pan, applies chaos electronics to de-constructed jungle and industrial power-outs, creating a hyper-technological version of a decaying future suffocated by waste, engrossment and disgust.

After its last release got Aphex Twin’s seal of approval with tracks featured in his-majesty’s dj-sets, H—S debuts on OOH-Sounds with a new EP, Hegenrax.
The work attempts to explore the fascination for contradiction and the opposites in a conceptual framework by ideally contrasting a motor disorder (Apraxia) caused by damage to the brain and a controlled chemical reaction (Heterogeneous Catalysis), and places its music where the boundary between the two fronts merge.

With its latest full-length, Ansatz, Holy Similaun seems to frame its attention on the matter between and around standard musical objects—rhythm, melody to name two— overturning normal hierarchies and apparently reorienting the listeners towards the scenery rather than the ‘action’. The voids, the gaps, the structural falls and the physical impact of sounds are the core of that “negative space” in constant change.