Holy Similaun is an Italian musician and sound designer currently based in Treviso, Italy.

Its work sonically portrays a constant feeling of powerlessness, focusing on heavy cinematics, minimal-inspired compositions, physical modelling synthesis and non-linear time manipulations, bringing its unique perspective on internal-external human meltdowns.

After its Aphex Twin-approved debut album “En To Pan” and the sophomore album “Ansatz”, Holy Similaun returns, in collaboration with Archipel, with “Arcaskathel”.

H—S also previously collaborated with Carhartt, Slam Jam and Spazio Maiocchi, on audiovisuals projects such as Zoë McPherson’s SFX “XquisiteForce.AV” at 2021’s CTM Festival and Rest Now!’s remake of Die Hard’s soundtrack and played alongside renowned contemporary artists like Abadir, Chevel, Dis Fig, Furtherset, Giant Swan, Kangding Ray, Lotic, Mana, Maxwell Sterling, MCMLXXXV, Plaid, Renick Bell, Shelley Parker, Soho Rezanejad & Varg2TM.