1 – E.IV-VA 
2 – Henologie
3 – Nerthus
4 – Mtazmex
5 – XP1 to S1
6 – Ghast
7 – Estramonium
8 – Ghawdex
9 – Expand Tilde
10 – Arkangel
11 – Snesic

Released by Natural Sciences
Out October 19, 2018
Cassette tape & download

Mixed and mastered by Antonio Gallucci

Forged from a background of hardcore punk recordings, Holy Similaun’s “En to Pan” applies chaos electronics to de-constructed jungle and industrial power-outs, creating a hyper-technological version of a decaying future suffocated by waste, engrossment and disgust. His debut release on the label, the album captures a wave of circularity loosely based around the Greek idea of the “Ouroboros”, with each distinct section arranged from online samples, VST’s (Absynth / Massive / Reaktor) and field recordings. It’s the last breath of a post-nuclear world.