1 – ERS
2 – Hatom
3 – Fluctus
4 – Confluxo
5 – Reclusium Ex
6 – Rasterizer Thread
7 – Eredoc
8 – Xiphos
9 – Vaixa
10 – Absicht
11 – Oculus Videre
12 – Etcees

Ltd. edition lathe-cut 
1- Negative Space A
2- Negative Space B

Released by OOH-sounds
Out January 29, 2021
Cassette tape & download
Ltd. edition lathe-cut dubplate with exclusive extended tracks [vinyl only]

Mixed by Stefano Scattolin
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux
Artwork by Nicolò Cervello

Following En-To-Pan and the recent EP Hegenrax [OOH-014] Holy Similaun goes further in its intimate and personal musical discourse with Ansatz [attempt / approach] a debut LP and a limited edition lathe-cut that seek to investigate uncertainty and the mutation of our “safe spaces”.

Extremely dilated fades, intermitted structures, massively warped voices, blasting industrial distortions and gaming sound effects populate the synthetic environments of a not-necessarily dystopian post-something, multifaceted and porous. The feel is that of a soundtrack for a present future, inspired to the narrative naivety of anime.

Holy Similaun seems to frame its attention on the matter between and around standard musical objects — rhythm, melody to name two — overturning normal hierarchies and apparently re-orienting the listeners towards the scenery rather than the “action”. The voids, the gaps, the structural falls and the physical impact of sounds are the core of that “negative space” in constant change.

Ansatz leaves a sense of the unfinished — distant ambient mutant techno echoes in a Neo-Tokyo-3.